When selecting a furry-family member to welcome home, the search often begins with a select set of criteria that we would like the pet to meet – whether that be a certain size, age, or personality of the pet. The search often ends, however, with the perfect match selecting us, regardless of what criteria is or is not met.

As was the case for sweet little Pelelui (formerly known as Waldo here at the Center).

His family writes,

Waldo went through an immediate name change to Pelelui or Pele for short (pronounced Pelly) . When I went to Providence I was looking for 2 other cats that I knew from the website. I noticed Pele looking at me the entire visit so I took him from his cage and we bonded right there. He made himself at home within 4 hours and is the kindest most affectionate cat I have ever known and I have had cats all my life. A few weeks have gone by now and he has let his personality come to the surface and he is a comedian that loves to chase his wand mouse , look out the windows and hang out. I am so lucky that he chose me that day.

Thank you for the work you do and for making Pele available to me. He is the goodest boy ever!”

Thank you for keeping your mind and heart open as you searched for a furry-family member, and for allowing Pelelui to settle in with his absolute purrfect match!