We love hearing about newly adopted pets' journeys in their forever-homes – learning about the bond being formed between adopter and adoptee is truly one of the most heartwarming parts of our job!

One of the latest stories that warmed our hearts came from the adoptive family of Reggie (FKA Spanky)…

Reggie's family writes:

Hi! Thanks for checking in, we love him so much, he is the sweetest dog and we are having so much fun spoiling him with toys and adventures. In the past week he’s been doing a little hiking, canoeing and a LOT of snuggling! He is doing AMAZING with potty training (going out every 2 hrs, no messes inside yet!!) he actually likes his crate and he learned his new name right away. We named him Reggie!

He still has a few things to learn, so we start training at Petco on Tuesday. We’re going to focus on not jumping on the dinner table/learning basic commands like sit, stay, drop it, etc! He is such an affectionate little dog and looooooves to spend time with us. Here’s a bunch of photos of our boy!!

Thank you for all the amazing work you guys do, I feel so lucky to be Reggie’s mom and it’s all thanks to you! ❤️”

Thank YOU for proving Reggie with his opportunity to experience a forever-home!

Happy forever Reggie!