Anatomy of an Adoption Folder

As an adopter of Providence Animal Center, you get a lot with your animal's adoption fee.  Most people know that every animal is already spayed or neutered, fully vaccinated, and microchipped (with the chip being registered to your name as soon as your adoption is processed).  You also get a free bag of Hill’s Science Diet dry food, a leash and collar – and, of course, a new best friend.

But what else do you get when you adopt from Providence Animal Center?

If you're a regular to our Facebook page and love seeing the adoption photos of dogs and cats with their new families, look more closely at some of the posts.  There's something that shows up often in these pictures that every adopter receives:

Adoption folders!  Every adopter will receive a folder containing important information.  That might not sound too exciting, but the adoption folders are full of useful handouts and coupons, which include:

-Tips on bringing a new animal home, housetraining, and more
-Important post-adoption information that every adopter should know
-Information on our low-cost Wellness Clinic, which operates 4 days a week
-A kennel cough fact sheet, so you can look out for early signs and get your pet meds ASAP
-A coupon to the Barker Lounge, a local boarding/daycare facility
-A coupon for Cold Beverage Station
-Plus more!

It’s always a good idea to stay informed about the services you can receive, and it could help your pet adjust to your home more easily.  Plus, the folder is a great place to keep vaccine certificates and microchip registration information.  So make sure to take some time out from playing with your cat or dog to go through the papers inside.  And then when you’re finished, go back to spoiling your new companion – because isn’t that why you adopted a pet?

For more information about the adoption process, call (610) 566-1370 x0.